In this fast-paced 60 minute presentation Marina takes the audience on a journey of discovery, using, as Marina likes to say, “humour about a dead serious subject” to ensure that the audience is open to listening to and discussing this important subject of HIV and AIDS.

As a woman who prides herself in knowing the topic of HIV/AIDS inside out, Marina skillfully demystifies the subject while at the same time presenting the latest in HIV/AIDS research ranging from information on a possible vaccination, microbicides and the impact of circumcision on the spread of the disease. What makes Marina’s keynote appreciated by many is that she does not align herself with any political agenda but rather uses her speech to show what can be done in the prevention and management of HIV and AIDS.

One of the features of this keynote address is Marina’s ability to help the audience understand the importance of condom use and to skillfully break down any resistance there may be to do so. This powerful presentation is full of insights of Marina’s personal experience through-out South Africa as people have interacted with her on the subject.

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