Social media promotes condom use

There’s no doubt that technology plays an important role when it comes to HIV awareness and education. We’ve already looked at smartphone apps that help users locate free condoms. Now, amidst a large increase in condom use amongst young South Africans, a new website aims to use the power of social media to promote condom use and highlight safe sexual practices., created by an American organization called Planned Parenthood, allows users to document their condom use in realtime, using Google map technology to highligt condom use around the world. Users can check in, discuss their relationship status and condom use, as well as describe their sexual experience, all in completely tasteful SFW language.

Currently, the site features users from across the world, including Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa. The site also provides a detailed guide to proper condom use, as well as a comprehensive information section that aims to address any questions users may have about condoms.

We think this is a brilliant initiative, as it allows people to observe the behavior of their peers and creates a space where open, honest communication can lead to effective behavior change. Check it out at and don’t forget to check in next time you use a condom during sex.