Message from Marina

The extraordinary begins with ordinary people like myself. Whether you are a stay-at-home mum, an educator, a single parent, the head of a business organization or an entrepreneur, true greatness and extraordinary achievement does not require a unique invention of "first this" or "biggest that".
Every single woman has extraordinary potential and this needs to be tapped and shared with a South African community that is desperate for extraordinary leaders from ordinary walks of life.
I set out on my journey to write an HIV and AIDS book that would be simple to understand and follow. It was an easy decision to make because nothing like it existed. I did not create a device of scientific fascination.  I created a book that people -children-to-adult could use to save their lives and the lives of those they love.

My message to the woman of South Africa is that I am an ordinary woman who decided to stop waiting on the agenda of others. I ACTED. We all need to act, and any action, in any form or size, that contributes to change and the bettering of the lives of the people around us is an action we need to embrace and perform.
I committed to taking action and as a result I can humbly say that the lives of ordinary South Africans are being impacted on, possibly even prolonged and saved.

What could be more extraordinary and precious than the preservation of human life?